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Our VSAT Jupiter 2 technology is the world’s most advanced VSAT platform to-date. Its single stream DVB-S2X wideband forward channel for broadband services over both high throughput and conventional satellites enable operators to achieve the highest possible capacity and efficiency for any satellite broadband implementation. We at LVSB are fully aware that with Jupiter system we have the capability to support the widest range of applications across the market sectors ranging from high speed internet access, to distance learning and digital signage or media solutions, to the most demanding enterprise and government networking solutions where strong security and QoS capabilities are paramount. With our VSAT platform our customers will enjoy:
  • Higher bits per hertz resulting in more users per carrier;
  • Cost effective and powerful terminals with more than 100 Mbps throughput;
  • Industry best return channel for very large deployments;
  • Family of scalable gateways; and
  • Feature rich to support virtually any application from consumer to enterprise.
As one of the operators running on VSAT platform, we believe that Jupiter system today is the most versatile in the market.
  • HTS (High-throughput satellite) systems are transforming the satellite broadband industry by bringing ever larger capacity at lower cost-per-bit.
  • Next generation platforms for satellite broadband networks with higher spectral efficiency.
  • Our principal partner, Hughes has implemented efficiencies across all OSI layers to yield the highest possible overall IP network efficiency.