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Mobile communication is an important part of the communication channel for the government and the private sector. Due to this, satellite communication still remains the best choice to provide a continuous and uninterrupted connection. Lautan Variasi provides solutions for land-mobile and other applications on-the-move.

Lautan Variasi's rugged on-the-move solutions are designed for rapid recovery during the intermittent connectivity due to obstructions typical of land mobile applications especially for long-haul vehicles where satellite broadband forms the backbone for on-board WiFi, Cellular and vehicle telematics.

Lautan Variasi's system uses DVB-S2X standard with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) for the Outbound Channel and received by routers located in the vehicle. For the Inbound Channel, the remote routers utilize FD-TDMA with Adaptive Inroute Selection (AIS), power control and other features to communicate back to Jupiter 2 Gateway Hub, thus providing the most efficient return channel possible. They provide the following key features for on-the-move:

- Doppler Compensation
- TDMA Channel Spreading
- Rapid signal recovery
- IP Steady State
- Automatic Beam Switching
- Rugged Modems
- Configurable Demodulators
- Full QoS capabilities for differentiating traffic